Get Rewarded For What You're Doing Already...Shopping At beautymania!

We appreciate your business at and we thank you for your continued loyalty! We also know that sometimes, "thanks" is just not enough so we're introducing the Beautymania Reward Points System!

Here's how it works. Browse through the site and find the items you want to purchase. For $ 1.00 you spend with us* you'll receive 1 reward point! Use these points ( 100 points equals $ 1.00 store credit) towards future purchases of ANY Beautymania product. That's right, unlike many other programs that offer you a few "less than desirable" items, Beautymania Reward Points can be used for everything in the entire store every day!

* Reward Points are not rewarded for shipping/handling or tax

Checking Your Reward Points Balance

Any time you visit our site you can view your current Reward Points balance by just clicking on the "Account" link on the top navigation bar and logging into your account. Your Reward Point balance will be displayed in the reward points section.

Note, if you have just made a purchase, you may need to refresh this page to see an updated balance

Redeeming Reward Points

Using your Beautymania Reward Points is a easy as earning them. Just pick any product in the store and add it to you cart as usual. When you're ready to check out, you will see your Reward Point balance displayed with a link to "Pay With Points". Just click on that link and the cart will tell you how much (if anything) your order will cost if you use some or all of your points. If you choose this option, you will be taken to the rewards checkout where you can complete your purchase. If you choose to save your Reward Points for another time, you can always return to the regular cart and purchase your products without using any of your points.

Reward Point Specials

Be on the lookout! At various times, Beautymania will be offering Reward Point Specials. Special may include bonus reward points for certain purchases, discount point redemption on special items and more!